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Gifts for niki1988

Hi there, niki1988! Here are a couple of gifts for you!

I honestly took a crack at manips, but I learned that those aren't something that you just pull out of your hat and make pretty. My apologies for not being able to give you anything graphic-related. It just didn't work out as intended.

ALSO, the second half of this cut is not work safe, although it is text. There will be a warning before that part.

I hope you enjoy!

Also, to the mods, I genuinely thought I had read that the gifts could be posted from Dec 24th-January 5th...so, wow, I'm sorry for being late.


Title: On a Midnight Mission
Characters: Angela Weber, Riley; minor inclusion of Angela's brothers
Description: Set during Eclipse. During the late evening, Angela settles into bed, but her house gets a visit from Riley.
Warnings: None. This is my first go at writing anything with Angela or Riley. I hope that you enjoy it, even with it's total lack of dialogue.

Angela took off her glasses and set them down on her nightstand, switching off the lamp before snuggling down between her covers.

Senior year was going well so far. She'd always managed to have the right mixture of social and scholarly elements of her life. While she had a good deal of school work on her plate, she'd been finishing it in due time. As such, calm filled her mind as she drifted to sleep.

+  +  +  +

It was nearing midnight as Riley swept through a residential area of Forks. He was alone, as he always was if he ventured outside of Seattle. He didn't mind being by himself, and believed Victoria's reasoning for why he had to be. She'd given him this new life, full of power. He loved her, and she loved him. He would do anything for the red-headed beauty.

That night, Victoria had sent him to a specific human girl's house. She was protected by the rival clan of vampires that Victoria mentioned often.

Since Riley had been turned, his opinion of those who were still breathing had changed. He didn't understand how any one of his kind could devote their time to the care of a human. Any time that this random human girl had been mentioned, he'd scoffed at the idea that she was some sort of pet. Humans were food, nothing more.

As Riley sped down a sidewalk, he stopped abruptly. A young woman, obviously still of teenage age, was standing in front of a window on the second floor of a house. This was definitely not the house he was supposed to be stopping at, but he walked toward it slowly. The girl vanished, going deeper into her room, and Riley stopped.

His head tilted in interest to see if she'd be back. Honestly, it was the smell that permeated from the house that had made him stop. The image of a girl combined with the sweet smell of blood that pumped through someone's veins was captivating. There were humans everywhere, of course, but at times, their blood smelled so delicious that he found himself needing to stop.

When the soft, yellow glow of light also vanished from the window, Riley continued walking again. His stride was longer, quicker. He stopped at the very front of the house and with one quick jump, was on the lower roof of the house, one that jutted out between the first and second stories. He'd landed soundlessly, creeping toward the window he'd peered in from the ground. He glanced into it and saw the girl turning slightly in her bed. She'd turned away from him, her back to him.

Riley inhaled deeply, the scent that had half stopped him now stronger: however, it was not coming directly from the girl's room. He walked toward the second window that was accessible by the roof.

In this room, two beds lined the wall. He saw two small, childlike heads sticking out from comforters on each bed. He eased the window up silently, inhaling again. It was this room, with not one, but two humans that seemed to smell identical. One of the children shifted in their beds, and it caused Riley to back away from the window.

His face turned up in frustration. Why was he being so slow to strike? True, he would always be careful. He'd learned early on from Victoria that you had to be careful to make it in their world. His attempted training of newborns had proven that point. If you were careless and got caught, you would be killed. Plain and simple. It wouldn't do to drain random residents. He wasn't hungry, but they did smell good. He backed away, looking up at the sky for a moment. Leaving the window slightly open, he returned to the first window. He eased it open as well, craning his head downward.

The girl under the covers was now fast asleep, he could tell by the steady way she was breathing. He opened the window fully, stepping in and approaching her bed. As he stood beside it, the girl was facing him, top of the blanket crossing over her chest.

Riley knelt down beside her bed. A feeling that made little sense fluttered through him as he looked at her sleeping face. He had so little direct relations with humans that weren't frightened or dead. He'd kept himself out of the sun as to not alert humans to his presence, and even on nightly journeys like this, he was never so close to a sleeping human.

Victoria had given him a great deal. Immortality and love being at the top of the list. The way she held his face and kissed him sweetly and deeply when she was proud of him brought forth feelings that were very familiar. He had always turned aside the idea that he might still feel human sensations. Everything had changed when he had been turned into a vampire: and he thought it was all for the better. Surely, all of his human abilities had been heightened, but the love, lust, and devotion a vampire felt for another was simply different than what a human felt for another human. Vampires could feel more, but as Riley looked at the face of this sleeping girl that he did not know, the feelings he had deepened.

He had no desire to remember the last time he cared about the welfare of a human; and, truthfully, he couldn't care much about this girl. After all, he didn't even know her.

It was her soft features that perplexed him. Her skin was so fair and looked to be so delicate. His teeth ground down at the idea of reaching out to touch her. Dark brown hair framed her face. Her eyelashes looked as if they could flutter at any moment, but they didn't. She remained calm, still, in peace.

After a minute of watching her sleep, Riley drew one hand up. It was in a tight fist, but his muscles relaxed as his hand approached her cheek. His thumb brushed it gently and he swallowed without thinking.

She remained asleep, and Riley stared for a few more minutes. He stood abruptly, facial expression shifting. He knew he had wasted time stopping here, and he was grateful that Victoria would be none the wiser.

He stood, glancing toward the desk that sat in the room. He approached it, hands running along the papers and notebooks that were neatly organized. Peering down, he read bold, large print that told him a stapled set of papers was an essay. He looked toward the corner of the top sheet, reading a name: Angela Weber.

As Riley went back toward the window, he looked back at the still sleeping girl. He would remember her name, and her face. He wasn't sure if it was the fragile state of her being that appealed to him. Riley didn't see her as prey, but he couldn't pinpoint why she intrigued him.

Riley wrote off these feelings as an attraction to the scent he'd been infatuated with as he exited the window, jumped back to the ground, and started to zoom away to his actual destination. He would not forget this night.

+  +  +  +

Angela shifted awake for a moment, cool breeze floating across her cheek. Her eyes opened and she looked to her window. It was shut. Had she thought she'd left open? She couldn't remember.

She sat up in bed, looking at her clock. She'd only been asleep for about fifteen minutes. With a little shake of her head, she got out of bed, put on her glasses and walked to her window. Opening it, she peered out at the street.

She wasn't quite sure what had drawn her to get out of bed, much less look outside. Her head titled up to look at the black sky. The moon held a foggy aura, and there was barely a star to be seen. A gust of air brushed onto Angela's cheek and she shivered.

She returned to her bed, eyes shutting but not falling back asleep for some time. Something in the air kept her awake.


Title: Tell It to the Trees
Characters: Jasper, Alice
Description: Timed somewhere between Twilight and Eclipse. Set in Forks, Washington. Simply Jasper and Alice in the woods, having sex.
Warnings: Explicit sex; there's no plot in this story, only a couple making use of their time together.

Jasper stood in a clearing of the forest. His eyes were closed and he counted silently in his head. Reaching one, he smirked to himself.

"Ready or not, here I come," he said in quietly.

The forest bed crunched lightly under his shoes as he walked at a slow pace. He peeked between trees, playful expression in his eyes.

After only fifteen or so seconds, Alice ran up behind him and shadowed his movements. Pretending like he didn't know she was there, Jasper kept on with his search.

He stopped suddenly, then darted back and grabbed Alice by her waist. She feigned a gasp, pushing gently at his chest.

"Aren't you supposed to be hiding?"

Alice gave a small shrug.

It was then that Jasper pushed her against a tree, hard enough to shake the tree itself but not hurting either of them.

"Girls who don't play by the rules should be punished," he said, one hand reaching under her shirt and stroking her back.

"I never claimed to be good," she said, turning her head to the side defiantly.

"One of the reasons I love you," he said, leaning in to brush his lips onto hers.

At the action, Alice set her hands on his hips and moaned gently. Jasper leaned back, giving her a curious look. She smiled sweetly at him.

In a flash, Alice's legs were linked onto Jasper's hips. Her hands raked through his hair while he supported her body. They'd done this before, in the woods. It was a place where they could focus entirely on one another.

Alice jutted her pelvis onto Jasper's, grinding against him as her tongue delved into his mouth. He murmured lightly against her lips while his fingers dug into the cloth of her dress.

“It’s time for this to come off,” Jasper said with a little grunt, setting her down in one swift movement and swiftly removing her underwear. He left her dress on and grabbed onto her body to shift back into the position they were originally in.

“Is this a fantasy of yours you haven’t told me about before, Jasper? Doing a lady with her clothes on?” She rested her chin on his shoulder and purred in his ear, letting him take the lead.

Jasper chuckled, one hand shifting down to unzip his trousers and let his pants fall. Alice hissed quietly when she felt his cock brush onto her.

“I’ve had his fantasy as of late to “do” a beautiful young lady in the middle of the woods.” He slid a hand onto her throat, pulling her head to face his. When their eyes met, tiny smirk on Alice’s lips, he continued, “It’s been too long, don’t you agree?”

Alice’s bottom lip retreated into her mouth slightly as she bit down on it with a nod.

Jasper ran a hand up her waist, cupping one of her breasts. “Is that a yes, miss?”

Alice dug her fingers into his back, refraining from whimpering though feeling the sensation to. “You’ve been chasing me around these woods all afternoon with the promise of sex, Jasper. What do you think?”

With that and the snarky attitude his lover had given him, Jasper grabbed onto her hips and slid her down onto his cock. Alice did whimper now, clawing at his back, as she felt him sink deep inside her. It was her way of silently telling him that she wanted it harder and faster. He gave into her request.

They rocked into one another, foreheads pressed together as their breathing quickened.

Alice felt the spark of climax after only a couple minutes, lips pressing hard onto Jasper’s. It was the moment Jasper had been waiting for and with several, final hard thrusts; he felt wet warmth pour from the both of them.

He stayed inside of her for another minute as their passions cooled, until Alice slid herself off him. She hooked her arms around his neck and kissed him sweetly. “Whatever happened to the years when we had the time to just do that?”

Jasper grinned at her, rubbing her back and setting her down on the ground. He truly did wish for those days too.


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