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Gifts for niki1988

Hi there, niki1988! Here are a couple of gifts for you!

I honestly took a crack at manips, but I learned that those aren't something that you just pull out of your hat and make pretty. My apologies for not being able to give you anything graphic-related. It just didn't work out as intended.

ALSO, the second half of this cut is not work safe, although it is text. There will be a warning before that part.

I hope you enjoy!

Also, to the mods, I genuinely thought I had read that the gifts could be posted from Dec 24th-January 5th...so, wow, I'm sorry for being late.


Title: On a Midnight Mission
Characters: Angela Weber, Riley; minor inclusion of Angela's brothers
Description: Set during Eclipse. During the late evening, Angela settles into bed, but her house gets a visit from Riley.
Warnings: None. This is my first go at writing anything with Angela or Riley. I hope that you enjoy it, even with it's total lack of dialogue.

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Title: Tell It to the Trees
Characters: Jasper, Alice
Description: Timed somewhere between Twilight and Eclipse. Set in Forks, Washington. Simply Jasper and Alice in the woods, having sex.
Warnings: Explicit sex; there's no plot in this story, only a couple making use of their time together.

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Hi everyone,

I've just sent out your assignments. Please check your emails and let me know if you did not receive it. niki1988, could you provide me another email address? The email I sent didn't go through.

Just a few reminders: if you wish to ask your giftee a question, please send it to the Twilight Santa email address and not post it here; the same thing applies for a teaser gift.

Have fun making the gifts. I'm sure they'll be amazing (:

Your mod (:
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E-mail address: dreximgirl[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk

Things I'd like: Carlisle/Esme fic ideally but I'd also be happy with an icon or wallpaper.

What I can do: Fic, preferably Carlisle or Esme centric. I'm not very confident writing other characters though I'd give it a go if really necessary. Any rating is fine.

What I absolutely CAN'T do: Graphics of any sort. I am graphically challenged hehe Videos etc. Pretty much anything except fanfic.

Anything else: Don't think so, just looking forward to it.
I wanna live with the trees.

shoujo_bubbles Wishlist

I hope it's not too late? I think I've made the deadline, if not, feel free to ignore this. =)

E-mail address: inillusen@yahoo.com

Things I'd like: The pairings I actually like are as follows: Esme/Carlisle, Alice/Jasper. I do not NEED romantic aspects in any of the stories I write or read. With Twilight, I don't like to push any romantic activity unless I can genuinely see it happening. With that being said, I adore Carlisle and Rosalie as characters. I have a certain sort of love for the Volutri as well, though as characters, not in a romantic sense. I think Seth Clearwater is absolutely adorable, so any mention of him would be fun.

I don't like Victoria or Riley, but would write/graphic them for others. Same goes for the cast of Bella's schoolmates. The wolfpack is not my favorite element of the story by any means, but Bella/Jacob makes me far happier than Bella/Edward.

Graphics: Carlisle and Rosalie are my favorite characters, so absolutely any graphics for them would be fantastic. Not necessarily together, though that's fine. Please, only the movie cast. Fanart would be fun. Fanfiction: I really enjoy stories about the back-story of the vampire cast (other than Edward, primarily because he was talked about quite a bit throughout the books.) I am genuinely not very picky at all. Stories of any rating would be fine. Any plot and themes are good with me, but if they include one of my favorites, of course that would make me happier.

What I can do: Fanfiction (I'd rather not do anything Bella-centric; anything else is fine), graphics; I will do virtually any pairing possible. I'm pretty open to the Twilight world, to be honest.

What I absolutely CAN'T do: Videos, fanmixes because I've never done either. Writing Bella is much harder for me than anything else, but I can do it (I'd just prefer not to have her be the main focus of any fanfic I write.) I prefer to write at a PG-13 level, nothing too incredibly graphic. I like to stick to the main story-line, for the most part. A bit of AU here and there is okay. Draw (I simply cannot.)

Anything else:Truthfully, anything would be just fine for me. I know I haven't given many specifics, but I just like shinies. =)