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Deadline for posting of wishlists

Hi everyone,

It's less than 12 more hours till the deadline for posting your wishlists. So far, there are only 5 wishlists posted and we hope to get at least 10 participants for this year's Twilight Santa. Nonetheless, regardless of how many participants we have this year, the exchange will still go on.

And for those who do not wish to reveal your email address, please send us an email at the Twilight Santa email address: twilightsanta@gmail.com with your username.



Dec. 2nd, 2010

E-mail Address: oberlander@comcast.net
Things I'd Like: 3 walls(Bella/Edward, Riley/Angela, Alice/Jasper), Alice/Jasper smut, an Angela Weber witch manip, Angela/Riley manip, and a Angela/Riley one shot. 
What can I do: I can write drabbles at the moment
What I absolutely CAN'T do: I can't make graphics, vids or anything else. Only write
Anything Else: It's so cool there's something like this and I just joined. And I love the movie version characters of the Twilight saga more than the books.

Nov. 18th, 2010

E-mail address: dangersigns@gmail.com
Things I'd like: Jacob/Bella, post-Eclipse fanfiction in which Bella doesn't change. With a little splash of angst too, please? Or just a Jacob/Bella ficmix/regular mix. :)
What I can do: Fanmixes, fanfiction, graphics, banners, videos. :)
What I absolutely CAN'T do: I hate Edward. It's a struggle for me to write him with Bella positively. Although I love writing him with Tanya.
Anything else: --

Wishlist for peskywhistpaw

E-mail address: lostmaeblleshire@gmail.com
Things I'd like: Jacob/Bella, Jacob/Leah, Bella/Jacob/Leah, Leah/Bella... Sell me on Alice/Jasper fic? Emmett/Bella? Alice/Bella? Mike Newton/Bella? Leah/Rosalie? Wolfpack gen. I like fanfiction and ficmixes (if you're making a cover, I prefer the movie cast, not any of the Dream Team). Fanart (not graphics) would be awesome, but I don't think any artists ever sign up, so that's moot. Please ignore Breaking Dawn. Nothing higher than PG-13 - so no smut, please. Or drugs or smoking or drinking. I'm sick of those as plot points. For Jacob/Bella, I'd love something about camping, or pre-Twilight when they were kids. Something fun. Humor all around, please, although angst is always good if you're writing about Leah. No fluff. Something with a wintry theme. No vampire!Bella. If you're writing about anyone in the wolfpack, I'd prefer vampires to take as small a role as possible. Missing moments are also nice. I like road trips and bonfires and Bella not being pathetic (unless you're trying to make a point). And actually, Carlisle/Bella would be really cool if Bella were being inquisitive, and wanted a kind of history lesson from him, seeing as he's lived for centuries; actually, anything where Bella wants to learn something from Carlisle would be incredibly awesome.
What I can do: Fanfiction, ficmixes, fanmixes, and graphics. I'll give any pairing I'd like to receive, although I can also do Edward/Rosalie.
What I absolutely CAN'T do: I'd prefer not to do a graphics-only gift, and I'd love not to do a fic-only gift, too. Again, I won't write anything I wouldn't want to receive; sometimes I can budge on this for graphics, but I absolutely will not touch Edward/Bella with a ten-foot pole, sorry. I won't write anything higher than PG-13, and I won't do AUs other than ignoring Breaking Dawn, or maybe the end of Eclipse, or something like that. So I won't do All-Human AUs, etc. I can deal with imprinting as an issue, but not as a romantic catalyst.
Anything else: Er... please don't drop out? I didn't get a gift last year, so... pretty please? I can probably also pinch-hit, especially if someone just wants graphics.

Wishlist for agathons_fan

E-mail address: Will PM to mod
Things I'd like: FanFiction (Edward/Bella - AH - Dadward/Momella; Gangsterward; Geekward/Virginella or Wolfpack - Claire/Quil (future fic); Jared/Kim; Sam/Emily); Vids (Edward/Bella); Gifs (Edward/Bella -  preferably 150 x 80 size to fit my layout, but any size is fine - from Eclipse or any other movies); Icons (Edward/Bella; Other Canon Couples; Other Characters - Jacob, Alice, Emmett, Carlisle); Wallpapers (Cast, Jacob/Taylor; Canon Couples - Bella/Edward)
What I can do: Graphics (Icons/Wallpapers - any character/couple); Drabbles/Fictions ( I write E/B best, but is willing to open up to other characters/couples); Fanmixes (any characters/couples); Vids (any character/couples) (I only have clips from Twilight, but if someone was willing to supply me with other clips I can make expand)
What I absolutely CAN'T do: (Fem)Slash; Gifs
Anything else: The fics can be any rating, PG-13 - NC-17, although the higher rating the better. :P If you need music options for the vid contact me via mod. The underlined/italic are things I would prefer over everything else. If I think of anything else I will edit. Thanks :)


Posting of wishlists

Hi everyone,

Please start posting your wishlists from this Saturday, 13 November 2010. Posting will end on 4 Dec 2010, 2359 EST.

For the format, please follow the one on the profile of this comm. The deadlines will be updated as well.

Happy posting (:

Also, please join me in welcoming the new mods dreximgirl and writerfreek


2010 Twilight Santa

Hey guys,

I'm so sorry that I haven't managed to kick-start this year's Twilight Santa. I'm in the midst of preparing for my finals and I want to continue with the gift exchange this year. In order to do so, I'm hoping to get another two more co-mods to help me with this year's gift exchange. It would be good if those who are interested in helping out this year have some experience in such gift exchanges, but it's not a must.

Drop me a comment on my LJ by this Sunday and we'll discuss the details.

Thanks a lot!

Your mod.



 Hey all

Just wondering if this was happening this year? I think it would be great if it is, I don't mind helping out if that's why it hasn't gone ahead

D x

Final Gift for xMidnightDawnx

Hey! I'm the back up gifter for ya! Happy January to ya! lol Want your giftys?
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final gift for darwintremor

Hi, Im your back-uo gifter. Im sorry that you original giftee backed out and these took so long to get to you, but I hope you like them and it was worth the wait. Happy Belated Holidays! :D 


PresentsCollapse )

Ok, so I think this is it. I might have missed something though. If I do I'll post them later. I hope you like them. I couldnt think of anything to write on the last banner so if you have a quote in mind let me know. If you want text, font, size, ANYTHING changed just let me know or you can alter anything if you want to. My feelings wont be hurt. Lol.